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About The Lashes

The eyelash extensions are individually adhered to the natural lash giving an instant natural glamorous look. They are ideal for holidays, weddings, any special occasion or simply to add a little 'wow' factor to your everyday life.

I would highly recommend mascara is not used, the synthetic lashes are thicker than the natural lash so there really is no need.

I use black lashes which come in 5 sizes with a beautiful curl. I can get longer lashes if required depending on the look the client wants. If they are too long they will not look natural but also if the natural lash is not very long to start with a really long lash would not have enough surface area to adhere to! My aim is to extend the lashes by at least one third - it really does make a difference.

If the clients natural lashes are fair, I would suggest an eyelash tint 2 days before to enhance the overall look.

I have tried a number of adhesives over the past year but find the one I use now is the best. It is manufactured without solvents, no odour or eye irritation.

Dos and Donts

  • Do not attempt to pull out or rub the lashes.
  • Do not be tempted to put mascara on new lashes.
  • Try to avoid going anywhere humid during the first 24 hours, this will allow the glue to properly bond.
  • Try not to sleep face down!!
  • Do use non-oily make up remover.



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